Top 5 Ranking Factors for SEO Awesomeness

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With nearly 2 billion websites that are online and baying for each other’s blood, just how do create an SEO strategy that outshines, outperforms, and outshines, if not all, then at the very least your close competition? It’s not easy, to be honest. But it is still within the realms of ‘very doable’ only if you stick to the basics and do what is in your hands and do it with flare to spare. There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google takes into account and isolating a few to your benefit might seem daunting, which is why we created a list of Top 5 Ranking Factors to do you well and you can too. Waste no time.

1. Content is King. Still. Always!

I can rank high up and make a mark in my industry even without good content, said no one ever. Content has always been, is, and will always be king. Period! Creating shallow content for the sake of it that doesn’t any real value sooner or later will find itself in Google’s bad books. And it’s definitely not a place you’d like to be if you want to succeed both as a brand and a money-making endeavour. The content you create should be fresh, of high quality, and it needs to address user intent so as to increase time on the page, decrease bounce rate, and close user’s query in a satisfactory way. Think proper keyword research and analysis and may be try our Monthly Packages that includes it.

2. Mobile-first to Rank First

100% Mobile-first indexing may have been postponed by Google (it was earlier supposed to be in March 2021) but that doesn’t let you off the hook, because Google still prioritises and favours websites that are mobile-friendly. If you already aren’t working on it, you should. It is absolutely crucial that you optimize your website for mobiles and other handheld devices. And mobile-friendly website roughly translates to a Google-friendly website. As per Google’s official statement, “Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Starting July 1, 2019, mobile-first indexing is enabled by default for all new websites (new to the web or previously unknown to Google Search).” Need we say more?

3. Good Page Experience Means Good User Experience

Aiming for superior user experience? You must first aim for superior page experience. If you are to succeed in SERPs, it is of extreme importance that your website must first be optimized, running parallelly to your SEO strategy. Nearly 40% of users will stop interacting or engaging with your website if the layout and content unattractive or incomprehensible. And getting it all in tune will bring up page views by more than 60% and that is something you can’t simply overlook. This is where Site Architecture, Core Web Vitals (UX, page speed, and content), and creating a secure website (HTTPS) come into play. The simpler it is for a user to navigate across pages on your website, the better are your chances of ranking well SERPs.

4. On-page Optimization Translates into Big Bucks

You may think of On-page Optimization as an extension of page experience but not quite. They may be distant cousins but On-page Optimization is its own area and over the years, has had a major role in making a significant impact on a site’s ranking and visibility. It is astonishing that just how much can be achieved by simply updating the H1 tags, Meta Data, Image ALT Texts, Schema Mark-ups, Improving Content’s Readability, cleaning up your site’s internal linking structure, adding Featured Snippets, and the likes. You’d be surprised to know that just by updating the H1 tags; you can see a significant rise in organic page traffic, at times increasing as high as 70%. And needless to say, big traffic means big conversions and naturally, big bucks.

5. Backlinks Really Are Your Assets!

Don’t believe those who say backlinks are a thing of the past. They are very much the present of an SEO strategy and the future where website hits the top of the SERPs, with proper link building in place. And that is why it would be unwise not to pursue commendable link building opportunities across the web, keeping your niche in mind while at the same time creating superior content that potential websites would like to partner with. Our Diversity Link Building campaign with a single-minded focus of building a forward-looking linkable asset base with each kind of links and High DA submission means you’ll seldom hit a low. We understand that search engines reward only those sites that attract traffic naturally, whatever be the source. No long shots, just going long.