Should You Change Page Titles Daily for Improved SEO? Google answers.

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Is it possible that if you update your page titles daily, it improves your chances of Google crawling those pages more often? Google’s John Muller offers the following advice. In a recent Office-hours video, a viewer who is an SEO professional asked John the very same question. The viewer mentioned that since his website is based on reporting stock prices, which rise and fall through the day, and requires him to change the page titles every day, updating them with the prices at the close of day, was there anything that was wrong in following that practice. While John doesn’t advise against it, he does say that there is no SEO benefit in doing so. And that if you’re doing so, it should mainly be because it provides value to your customers or viewers who come looking for latest information on the stock prices and daily statistics thereof. He also added that just because you update the page title every day doesn’t mean Google will update them accordingly in the search results every day. If anything, Google will update them weekly or may be monthly. Here’s what John says. “I think that’s fine. I mean, it’s something where we wouldn’t give it any special weight if your title tag keeps changing. But if you want to update your titles regularly that’s totally up to you. The difficulty, I suspect, is more that if you change your titles on a daily basis, we might not re-crawl that page on a daily basis. So it might be that you change it every day, but in the search results the title that we show is a few days old just because that’s the last version that we picked up from that page. But that’s more of, I’d say, like a practical effect, rather than a strategic effect.”

Does updating page titles every day means Google will crawl those pages more often?

The viewer then follows up with another important question, asking John if doing so means Google will crawl those pages more often. John says not to put your money on it. And that you can check Google Search Console’s index report to confirm how often does Google crawl a particular page. He says, “I mean, it helps us to recognize when something has changed, but it’s not necessarily going to happen that we’re going to say ‘oh, we’ve seen this page change every day. Therefore, we will recrawl it every day.’ It might be that we re-crawl it every day; it might be that we re-crawl it every week or every month. So it’s not that the changes that you make with the titles would affect how quickly we re-crawl.” That being said, it is important to keep in mind that Google rewrites more than 60% of the page titles in its aim to provide the best possible results to the searchers across the web. So, if the page doesn’t already