6 Steps to Creating a Durable, Algorithm Update Proof SEO Strategy

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2021 has been one strange year. At the start of it, we thought we would finally be out of the pandemic but the not-so-novel Coronavirus kept throwing waves after waves across the world, making economy and businesses take a huge dive in terms of performance and then some more. To make matters worse, millions of people who had turned to online business at the onset of the pandemic had to reel with wave after wave of Google’s Algorithm Updates, not counting the ones that weren’t even announced. As we speak, Google November 2021 Core Update is rolling out and probably, and hopefully, about to finish in a day or two. And it hit right where hurts, unleashing hell upon what was otherwise supposed to be a blessed holiday season. Businesses that were not prepared have been feeling the brunt. Businesses that went beyond their call of SEO duty survived. Here, we discuss 6 steps to creating a long-lasting SEO strategy that is immune to Google Algorithm Updates.

1. Know your User. Know User’s Intent

All successful SEO strategies begin with knowing your user’s intent and is eventually what’s going to add that zing in your content. It’s no good writing a lengthy piece on Top 10 Leather Wallets when your user is a vegan and quite intent on searching for Vegan Leather Wallets and eventually using them. Having said that, user’s intent is but a starting point to your journey deep in the heart of rabbit hole that is SEO. But it is also what will keep the money flowing in consistently into your money site. It is the best possible way to help you zero down on the list of keywords to create content on.

2. Be Authoritative in Content, Language, and Information

You narrowed down user’s intent and finalized your list of keywords. Bravo! Now how you create your content around it makes your break your SEO strategy. Long-form, informational, well-written, and high-quality content that is more than just textual write-ups (think visuals: videos, pictures, infographics etc.) has all the potential to land up on top of the SERPs and naturally, bring you more traffic and in turn, conversions. And withstand the test of even the most notorious of Google Algorithm Updates. All this stands regardless of what kind of linkable profile you create, more on that later.

3. Turn Site Visitors into Permanent House Guests

Assume a visitor is looking for CCTV Security Camera to install at the front of his office. You, happen to be selling them and the user lands upon your page. Does he care about the technicalities mumbo-jumbo that every other CCTV camera manufacturer so casually mentions at every chance the manufacturer gets? No. What he does care about is how installing those cameras is going to make life a hell of a lot easier for him and how the experience of it all will surpass all his expectations. If you can offer him that experience and more, you have more than a chance to turn that visitor into a permanent house guest. And that means regular payments, word of mouth, and free promotions.

4. Look to Search Results as Your Guiding Stars

It’s of immense value to understand why Google is ranking the websites it is ranking. Finding just what these websites are doing right can help you crack the SEO code or at the very least help you get somewhere close. Find out what kind of keywords they are using, what kind of content they are generating. Examine and evaluate the gap between what they are doing and what you intend to do in the long run. If you are to imitate them, emulate what they are doing but do it better. If you are to do something totally different, go bat-shit crazy and do something that has never been done before. It is a good way to bridge the gap between where you stand on the search results now and where you want to land.

5. Multi-faceted Promotional Strategy

Promotions may not be able to get you direct results on Google SERPs but it goes a long way in widening your brand’s and website’s reach in more ways than one. However, there is more to a successful promotional strategy than just sharing webpages on social media. Go beyond the norms of a conventional promotional strategy and think how you can connect with people rather than just reaching them. Think contests, think samples, and think hosting a few interviews, podcasts, and on-ground activation methods. Here is what Google’s John Mueller has to say about how Google goes about business: “We use a ton of different factors when it comes to crawling, indexing and ranking. So it’s really hard to say like, if I did this how my site would rank compared to when I do this. …those kinds of comparisons are kind of futile in general. In practice though, when you’re building a website and you want to get it out there and you want to have people kind of go to the website and recognize what wonderful work that you’ve put in there, then promoting that appropriately definitely makes sense. And that’s something you don’t have to do… by dropping links in different places.”

6. Link Diversity Means Ranking Superiority

Lack of variety in inbound links is one of the major reasons why a webpage sees huge fluctuations during the Google Algorithm Update rollout. Say what they may, links (the right kind) continue to play a huge role and are a definite ranking factor. Different kind of links from different kind of websites will help your website sit at the top even when an update is wreaking carnage all around. Relying solely on search traffic to boost your rankings is like shooting yourself in the foot before running a marathon. And make no mistakes, SEO is no sprint. That is where a diversity service comes in – to provide a more holistic approach to search engine optimization and expecting higher results consistently in the long run. We, at SERP Bulls keep a close watch on the latest SEO News and Trends and we constantly keep optimizing our SEO Services according to the latest industry demands. Because at SERP Bulls, one of the best SEO Agencies around, we believe in taking charge right away, harness the inherent power of SEO services and turn it all around to your full advantage.